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Campagnolo Shamal Carbon C21 Disc Wheelset

Campagnolo Shamal Carbon C21 Disc Wheelset

Campagnolo Levante Disc Brake Wheelset
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For Campagnolo, the Shamal family has always represented an evolutionary impulse beyond its own limitations, a challenge and a triumph. Since 1992, this wheel has been an icon for enthusiasts, who with SHAMAL saw the birth of the high-profile concept, a forerunner of what is currently available on the market. Shamal still has the same meaning for Campagnolo: breaking the mould to face the future.

The first Campagnolo wheel dedicated to endurance was born in keeping with this mantra, with a 21 mm internal channel that can accommodate larger tyres and ensure the cyclist maximum comfort on races and long rides. This new product was intended for a broader customer base, with a new, more accessible price point, but with every feature necessary to guarantee the maximum performance and style that characterise Campagnolo wheels.

Carbon rim with unidirectional finish and a differentiated front/rear profile, modern rounded profile, new aluminium hubs, cup-and-cone bearing system. Every design decision is determined by the sole goal of improving cyclists’ performance over long hours on the saddle, providing comfort and rideability in all conditions.

The profile of the rim, which has an internal diameter of 21 mm, makes for perfect pairing with 25, 28 and 30mm tyres. The wide channel, however, makes this wheel a complete all-rounder, also suitable for larger tyres that are perfect for gravel biking. Thanks to 2-Way Fit technology, Campagnolo guarantees complete compatibility with both clincher and tubeless tyres.

The hole-free upper bridge, achieved through the patented MoMag system, allows a weight saving, increased rigidity and now also an aid to using tubeless tyres: no tape is required for the seal. Maintaining and cleaning the wheel on tyre changes has never been easier.

These wheels are designed to ensure extreme performance, comfort and versatility for cyclists. Campagnolo has always been a byword for reliability: the G3 spoking system with double spokes on the left of the front wheel ensures balanced and safe braking in all conditions. The construction of the whole wheel, engineered by considering every single component as part of a system, makes each Campagnolo product a godsend on longer rides, cyclosportives and the most demanding adventures.

Shamal Carbon DB: a renewed icon that maintains its blazing, indefatigable soul, like the wind from which it takes its name.

Available versions: Dark label, Campagnolo N3W, Shimano HG, Sram XDR FW hub

C21, 21mm internal channel:
• The rim design allows the utmost versatility in tyre use, from the most comfortable for road use (25, 28, 30mm) to the largest for cyclocross and gravel use (starting from 32mm and going up to the largest, 50mm).
• Thanks to the patented MoMag system and the upper bridge with no holes, SHAMAL is ready for use with tubeless tyres but without requiring tape for the seal. Easy maintenance and cleaning guaranteed.
• The 2-Way Fit profile allows both clincher and tubeless tyres to be fitted. This makes Shamal the ideal wheel for all road riders (traditionalists and innovators), but also for all gravel riders who use tubeless tyres without abandoning the option of fitting an inner tube in case of major punctures, a lifesaver far from home.
• Shamal Carbon: perfect for long biking adventures.

Differentiated profile, front 35mm / rear 40mm:
• Shamal is engineered to ensure the utmost comfort on longer rides, both in terms of bumps and ease of riding, without ever sacrificing performance.
• 40mm at the rear to guarantee maximum responsiveness and complete power transfer
• 35mm at the front ensure the best possible rideability, in all conditions.

Campagnolo’s unique style, technology and refinement... finally accessible:
• The first Campagnolo-branded carbon wheel at a new price point, with the aim of sharing Campagnolo’s technical advantage with a broader customer base
• The first Campagnolo wheel in the endurance segment: performance combined with unprecedented comfort
• The well-known cup-and-cone bearing system guarantees unique smoothness which, combined with the possibility of adjusting the play, positions the Campagnolo system at a higher level than standard bearings in terms of both performance and durability (option to purchase Campagnolo USB and CULT ceramic systems separately).
• The unidirectional, unpainted carbon rim allows a weight saving, dropping the wheelset weight to 1585g and making SHAMAL CARBON a complete all-rounder.

• Black aluminium monolithic hub
• Cup-and-cone
• Hub edge: 100mm in the front, 142mm in the rear
• Pivot material: aluminium
• Cup-and-cone bearing system
• Profile height: 35mm front/40mm rear
• Rim material: Carbon
• Rim cross section (HxW): 35-40/28.1mm
• Internal diameter of rim: 21mm
• Adhesive Stickers graphics
• 24 slim steel circular-section spokes at the front, grouped according to the G3 system
• 24 slim steel circular-section spokes at the rear, grouped according to the G3 system
• Clincher and Tubeless tires
• Campagnolo sprocket set 10/11/12
• Shimano sprocket set/SRAM 10/11
• SRAM 12 sprocket set
Versions And Weights
• Campagnolo N3W
• HG11
• Only available for 2-Way Fit: 1.585 g
Comes with
• 50 mm tubeless valve
• Bushing to reduce the size of the valve hole
• 2 levers in composite material for tyre removal
• User manual
• N3W adapter kit driver body for 11-12s compatibility (Campagnolo N3W body version)


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