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Campagnolo Levante Disc Brake Wheelset

Campagnolo Levante Disc Brake Wheelset

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Campagnolo Bora WTO 60 Disc Wheelset
Campagnolo Shamal Carbon C21 Disc Wheelset
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The new Levante represents the culmination of the Campagnolo technologies that have been adapted specifically for use in Gravel biking.

Designed, developed and tested on the most challenging and demanding terrain around Cima Ekar, Levante is the first Campagnolo wheel specifically designed for gravel, incorporating all the features needed to deliver the maximum performance and elegance that are typical of Campagnolo wheels.

The 30mm profile carbon rim with 25mm internal channel and aluminium hub add up to a wheel that is light and easy to handle, stiff on the climbs and sure on the descents. The Handmade Ultra-Light Carbon (H.U.L.C.) rims are the result of extensive research by Campagnolo engineers to optimise the use of both fibre and binding resin, for the perfect combination of strength, stiffness and lightness.

This new technology sees the Levante achieve a weight of less than 1500 g and offers all the ruggedness needed to tackle mountain trails.

Thanks to 2-Way Fit technology, Campagnolo guarantees complete compatibility with both clincher and tubeless tyres. The hole-free upper bridge, achieved through the patented MoMag system, allows a weight saving, increased rigidity and now also an aid to using tubeless tyres: no tape is required for the seal.

Maintaining and cleaning the wheel on tyre changes has never been easier. The stunning Campagnolo Luxury (C-LUX) mirror finish is so smooth that no paint is needed. The lasered graphic details also ensure maximum durability of the finish even under extreme conditions.

LEVANTE DB: Developed based on real-world experience to give you an outstanding riding experience.

Available versions: lasered graphics, Campagnolo N3W, Shimano HG, Sram XDR FW hub

• The Levante ultra-light carbon rims use the same H.U.L.C. hand-moulding process as our Bora Ultra WTO rims that dominate professional racing. This highly advanced production technique creates guaranteed defect-free rims, ensuring the maximum weight-to-strength ratio and an impeccable aesthetic finish right out of the mould.
• The 2-Way Fit rim profile, with its specially designed mini-hook, also guarantees optimal compatibility with tubeless tyres, with tyre grip guaranteed at a variety of pressures.
• Levante rims use a unique and meticulously tested blend of resin and carbon fibre to further improve strength and durability.
• The lasered graphics on both the rim and the hubs have been designed to ensure the maximum durability of the wheel aesthetics in all usage conditions.

Mini Hook:
• The 25 mm inner width of the Levante rim can accommodate a wide range of tyres from 38mm up to 76mm, ensuring maximum compatibility over all types of terrain. The shallow central channel makes the initial seating of the tubeless tyre on the 2-Way Fit rim quicker and easier during inflation.
• The small mini-hook ensures a much cleaner interface between rim and tyre. Like a hookless rim, the mini-hook avoids a 'bulb' shaped profile when using larger tyres, providing greater stability and traction.
• The mini-hook is also safer than a hookless rim when using smaller volume tyres at higher pressures. The system complies with the ETRTO clincher and tubeless standards, so Levante wheels can be matched to your favourite tyre, whatever it may be.

C25, 25 mm internal channel:
• The rim design allows the utmost versatility in tyre use, from the most comfortable to the largest for gravel use (starting from 38mm and going up to the largest, 45/50mm).
• Thanks to the patented MoMag system and the upper bridge with no holes, :LEVANTE is ready for use with tubeless tyres but without requiring tape for the seal. Easy maintenance and cleaning guaranteed.
• LEVANTE: perfect for long off-road biking adventures.

• Black aluminium monolithic hub
• Cup-and-cone
• Hub edge: 100mm in the front, 142mm in the rear
• Pivot material: aluminium
• Cup-and-cone bearing system
• Profile height: 30mm
• Rim material: Carbon
• Rim cross section (HxW): 30/30.8mm
• Internal diameter of rim: 25mm -
• Lasered graphics
• 24 slim steel circular-section spokes at the front, in a two-cross pattern
• 24 slim steel circular-section spokes at the back, in a two-cross pattern
• Clincher and Tubeless tires
• Campagnolo sprocket set 11/12/13
• Shimano sprocket set/SRAM 10/11
• SRAM 12 sprocket set
Versions And Weights
• Campagnolo N3W
• HG11
• Only available for 2-Way Fit: 1.485 grams
Comes with
• 50mm tubeless valve
• Bushing to reduce the size of the valve hole
• 2 levers in composite material for tyre removal
• User manual
• Padded wheel bags
• Accessories bag


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